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Today’s Chiropractor

Why are there so many misconceptions and myths about Chiropractic?

Though evidence of spinal manipulation can be traced back almost 5,000 years, the direct application of spinal manipulation embodied in the art and science of Chiropractic is little more than 100 years old. Since it inception in 1895, Chiropractic has struggled for acceptance. With so many changes in the understanding and application of natural Chiropractic concepts and methods, information that was accurate 10-20 years ago may not be accurate today.

In 1963, the American Medical Association created its committee on quackery to eliminate health care competition by publicizing misinformation discrediting Chiropractors and the profession. In a long and complicated federal court battle, the AMA was found guilty of ant-trust violations and was ordered to cease the negative actions and allow its members to cooperate with the Chiropractic profession for the best interest of the patient. Unfortunately, many of these negative misconceptions remain today.

Chiropractic is a fairly new profession, representing an alternative way of dealing with people’s health and wellness. The future of Chiropractic is bright, however, because of continued research with positive results more accurately portraying the benefits of Chiropractic. Increasing interprofessional cooperation and the American public’s growing awareness of health and disease prevention are allowing chiropractic to grown acceptance.

Why don’t Chiropractor’s prescribe medication?

Doctors of Chiropractic chose not to prescribe medications for several reasons.
The Chiropractic philosophy and approach emphasizes restoring the normal function of the nervous system, the skeletal system and the soft tissues (muscle & ligaments) through the use of natural methods.

Chiropractors recognize that symptoms like pain, swelling, and muscle spasms are signs of altered function and use these symptoms as information to determine the cause of the individual’s problem. In contrast, prescription drugs, which are used for pain, are used in an attempt to quiet the symptoms, enabling the cause of the problem.

In certain cases, prescription medications are important. Although, as chiropractic physicians we feel that all forms of natural treatment should be exhausted first prior to utilizing prescription medication and/or surgery.